Soft Cinnamon Rolls (+video)


Soft cinnamon rolls made with an easy homemade dough are super fluffy and light! coat them during a perfect cheese glaze and let the baking begin!

You know youโ€™re onto a winning cinnamon bun recipe once you see and feel how soft they’re on the within . Pulling them apart is heaven. Surprisingly easy to form and better than any store bought roll!

Soft cinnamon rolls

Nothing says Sunday morning sort of a warm, gooey batch of homemade Soft Cinnamon Rolls topped with a generous coating of cheese glaze! this is often the sole cinnamon bun recipe you’ll ever need! Incredibly soft and fluffy and yes, completely from scratch with a quick rise because of my oven proofing method explained below.

How to make cinnamon rolls


Combine the nice and cozy milk along side the melted butter, sugar and yeast during a large bowl. Allow to face for 10 minutes, until frothy to activate the yeast.


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