Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Creamy mashed sweet potatoes are easy to form then addictive! the irresistible combination of butter and soured cream makes this the simplest sweet potato mash recipe.

Savory and ultra creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes is that the most loved and devoured entremots . the key to urge this mash nice and creamy isn’t an abundance of butter, but an honest amount of soured cream . Add in garlic, parmesan cheese and a touch of milk, and you’ve got the simplest , most flavourful entremots to hit your dinner table!

Mashed sweet potatoes

With the quantity of sweet potato mash recipes online using syrup and sugar within the mix, I wanted to offer you our family favourite recipe. A delicious sweet potato version of our popular Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Are sweet potatoes healthy for you?

Sweet potatoes keep you full and are an excellent source of fibre. They contain a spread of vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, selenium, B and C vitamins, and therefore the antioxidant beta-carotene

A low GI vegetable , sweet potatoes digest more slowly in comparison to regular potatoes and release sugar gradually into the bloodstream, keeping blood glucose levels steady.


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