This easy apple cake has the right taste of fall, it’s easy to form , moist, and each single bite is crammed with the right apple cinnamon flavors. it’s full of fresh apples, applesauce, and is such a delicious cake to form within the fall.

this easy apple cake has the right fresh apple flavor in every bite. It’s made with apple sauce, and chunks of fresh apples throughout the batter. And don’t forget the cinnamon for that perfect fall flavor.
It’s still hot here, but that doesn’t mean I’m not baking up a storm in preparation for all the delicious fall desserts. This apple cake is that the perfect thanks to start your fall baking. The sweet cinnamon and apple scents from this cake filling the kitchen, might just be the right thanks to ring in fall.
This apple cake is so moist, because of oil, sugar , and apple sauce within the batter. It’s the right moist cake, with a soft and tender crumb.


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