Chocolate Lasagna Recipe


This delicious chocolate lasagna is formed on an Oreo crust and has layers of cheese , pudding and finished with a whipped topping. Easy to form , this no bake dessert may be a real show stopper.

Easy Chocolate Lasagna
Where are my chocoholics at?! This rich and creamy chocolate lasagna is such an exquisite dessert and that i promise that everybody are going to be posing for more!

Why you’ll love this chocolate lasagna recipe!
No bake! i really like a no bake dessert, it keeps the oven free and makes it very easy to form without an excessive amount of fuss.
Itโ€™s an excellent make ahead dessert, so itโ€™s perfect to serve during the vacations .
Itโ€™s a true show stopper! once you place this on the table everyoneโ€™s eyes will light up!

How to make chocolate lasagna

Combine โ€“ Blend the Oreos and make the cheese and pudding in separate bowls.
Make โ€“ Spread the Oreos into rock bottom of the dish and cover the cheese mixture. Pout the pudding over the highest , followed by the topping topping. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.
Chill โ€“ Chill the chocolate lasagna within the fridge until set.

Can you make this dessert before time?

You can store chocolate lasagna within the refrigerator for a further three to four days. This dessert are often made up to 2 to 3 days beforehand .
Make sure that it’s sealed in an airtight container or is roofed in some sort of wrapping or covering when storing.

How do I keep the Oreo crust from falling apart?

Finely grind the Oreos by employing a kitchen appliance . once you have large chunks of Oreo, it’s harder for the butter and Oreos to stay together and make a firm crust.

Make sure to incorporate the filling when grinding your Oreos. this may help everything stay together even better and can end in a more delicious crust.

Once you set your Oreo crust into your pan, firmly press the bottom Oreo down employing a glass or a cup measurer and not just your hands.

A chocolate dessert to die for!

Ok, in order that could also be taking it a touch far, but my gosh, this chocolate lasagna is out of this world amazing! The Oreo crust provides an exquisite rich texture and therefore the layers are silky smooth, light and fluffy.
This Chocolate Lasagna Recipe is great for any time of years. you’ll take it to BBQs, make it for a fun weeknight dinner, or maybe bring it to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Itโ€™s so versatile and loved by all!


Double stuff Oreos are tasty to eat, but they need an excessive amount of filling for this crust. The regular sized Oreos have only enough filling to assist everything stay together nicely and bring an excellent crust.
I used salted butter for the Oreo crust. If using unsalted butter, be happy to feature a pinch of salt to the Oreo crust, but itโ€™s not entirely necessary.
I like better to use mini chocolate chips for the topping. It keeps any chocolate from sinking down through the whipped topping layer and makes for a far better bite because the chocolate lasagna is so light and fluffy.

This delicious chocolate lasagna is formed on an Oreo crust and has layers of cheese , pudding and finished with a whipped topping. Easy to form , this no bake dessert may be a real show stopper.


Oreo Layer:
โ–ข36 regular Oreos not double stuffed, with filling
โ–ข5 Tbs salted butter melted
Cream cheese layer:
โ–ข1 ยฝ 8 ounce packages cheese , softened
โ–ขยผ cup sugar
โ–ข1 Tbs milk
โ–ข2 tsp vanilla
โ–ข8 oz whipped topping 16 oz total, divided in half
Chocolate pudding layer:
โ–ข2 3.9 ounce packages instant pudding mix
โ–ข3 cups milk
Whipped topping layer:
โ–ข8 oz whipped topping
โ–ข1 cup mini chocolate chips


1/ Make first layer by combining Oreos and melted butter during a kitchen appliance . Grind until Oreos are fully pulverized, and no large chunks of Oreo remain.
2/ Spread ground Oreos into rock bottom of a 9ร—13 inch pan and firmly depress . confirm Oreos reach all the thanks to the sides .
3/ Make second layer by combining cheese , sugar, 1 Tbs milk, vanilla , and eight oz whipped topping. Beat until smooth.
4/ Spread cheese mixture carefully over the Oreo crust, ensuring to smooth the highest .
5/ Make pudding layer by beating together pudding mix and three cups milk until smooth.
6/ Pour over cheese layer and spread to the sides .
7/ Top the pudding with the remaining half the whipped topping. Spread carefully all the thanks to the sides of the pan.
8/ Sprinkle mini chocolate chips over whipped topping layer
9/ Chill within the refrigerator for 4 to five hours or until set.

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