Chicken Tenders (lemon garlic parmesan)


crispy baked chicken tenders soaked in lemon garlic flavours. coated during a golden parmesan panko crumb creates an addictive crunch! no flour needed!

Succulent, juicy oven fried Chicken Tenders dipped in honey sauce are fashionable kids, adults, and make the right nutriment . No messโ€ฆ no fuss, with an irresistible golden crumb!

Chicken tenders

This crispy, baked chicken tenders recipe has been in our family for years. An adaption from YOUR favourite Lemon Parmesan Garlic Chicken Milanese recipe, our oven fried tenders are a favorite for everybody who tries them! They tick ALL the boxes:

  • Easy to seek out ingredients.
  • Simple steps.
  • Oven baked with a deep fried TASTE.
  • Minimal mess.
  • The best homemade chicken tenders.

Who says you’ve got to face round the stove deep frying crumbed chicken tenders with oil splattering everywhere the place? Not me.


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