20 EARLY Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


No matter your age or health, it’s good to know the possible signs of cancer. By themselves, they aren’t enough to diagnose the disease. But they can be clues for you and your doctor so that you can find and treat the problem as soon as possible. Treatment works best early on, when a tumor is small and hasn’t spread.

These symptoms don’t always mean cancer. Lots of common conditions can make you feel this way. It’s important to see your doctor so they can take a closer look at your health and take action.

Common signs and symptoms of cancer in both men and women include:

1- Pain

Bone cancer often hurts from the beginning. Some brain tumors cause headaches that last for days and don’t get better with treatment. Pain can also be a late sign of cancer, so see a doctor if you don’t know why it’s happening or it doesn’t go away.


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